The inspection of roofs and sealing systems is done visually by the expert as well as by using specialized instruments when needed. The visual inspection can be completed with an internal examination of the materials and the degradations documented with photos annexed to the expert’s report.

Akron Canada offers three types of inspections with their respective reports.

  • Basic inspection provides a non-certified verbal opinion. No written report
  • Inspection with a basic report : complete inspection and report detailing the most prominent issues, with photos to illustrate.
  • Thorough inspection with detailed report, photos and specific recommendations.


Whenever confronted to water leakage coming from a roof, we use various techniques to identify the source of leakage. Very often during investigation there is little need of a report, a verbal opinion or a brief report are sufficient.

It is important to note that even a minimal leakage needs to be adressed immediately in order to avoid greater structural damage to the building , which is rarely apparent. This will be most cost and time effective, and reduce costs.

In specific cases and in order to confirm invisible anomalies within the structures, we use infrared thermography. This digital technology allows us to detect heat loss and possible contaminations of the roof sealing system.


We collaborate with you in the following cases :

  • Evaluation of refection needs and planning maintenance work on commercial and industrial roofs in order to better allocate organisation and financial resources.
  • Drawing up tenders and calling upon bidders.
  • Drawing up and examining propositions and techniques from roofing companies.

We also offer to take an inventory of your roofs and evaluate them, determine their composition status, wear and tear and asseses work and repairs that need to be done. We will provide a complete color catalog which will prove to be indispensable for a proactive use and make for clear communication with all parties involved, within the company or with the roofing specialist.


The expertise and experience acquired by AKRON Canada Ltd enables us to provide on-site overseeing while building new roofs or renovating old ones. We will provide a competent and experimented construction site overseer, who will make sure that the tender is respected and that the work follows all rules and regulations, that materials conform to the tender.The overseer will complete reports for each day on the work site, take photos and will be your eyes and ears on the worksite... with added experience.